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Those of you who live in perpetual fear of the dentist’s chair can breathe a sigh of relief. The dental world has come up with an easy, painless, hassle-free method of sedation for patients dealing with dental anxiety.

What Is Oral Sedation Dentistry And Why Is it Important?

Of all the sedation procedures available in dentistry, oral sedation is the easiest. Patients take the sedation in the form of a small pill that induces mild sedation for a few hours. At Hamilton Mountain Dental, we take extra care to ensure that our patients feel relaxed before and after their appointment. We have also asked patients to review our sedation dentistry and dental treatments for better insight.

Visiting a dentist for even a simple dental checkup is not everyone’s cup of tea. Dental anxiety is a very real thing. There are thousands of people who silently tolerate the pain and discomfort of a dental ailment because they feel intimidated by the dentist and the procedures. Oral sedation is a boon for patients who do not fancy the use of nitrous oxide or intravenous sedation. Patients with intense gag reflex can simply pop in the pill, get their procedure done and go home fresh and relaxed.

Pros And Cons Of Oral Sedation Dentistry

When it comes to summing up the pros and cons of oral sedation, the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

Pros :

  • It is the easiest and safest of the three methods of sedation used for dental procedures.
  • The oral sedative, which is a type of Benzodiazepine effectively calms the nerves and makes the patient feel relaxed enough to cooperate during the procedure.
  • There are no needles involved for oral sedation, which is why it is highly preferred among patients.
  • The patient may feel drowsy, but they will be in a responsive state to listen and respond to the dentist’s instructions.

Cons :

  • Unlike nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation, oral sedation takes time for the effects to kick in, because it depends on the metabolism of the patient. That is why they have to take the pill at least an hour before the appointment.
  • Patients taking oral sedation will need assistance to get to their appointment and get back home, because of the drowsy effect of the pill.

Precautionary factors to consider before taking Oral Sedation

  • As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking any pill. Oral sedation is not advisable for patients with medical conditions like sleep apnea, and obesity.
  • Always ensure that you receive oral sedation from a dentist who is certified to prescribe the pill. To administer Oral Sedation, dentists must undergo a program in deep sedation that qualifies them for the procedure.
  • Talk to other patients to get a first-hand account of their experience with oral sedation and the expertise and trustworthiness of the dental practice.

Do not compromise your oral health out of fear for dental procedures, pain and discomfort. Try
-oral sedation and experience its benefits!

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