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Hemp protein is the best source of protein in the world

The first time I ate shelled hemp seed was in 1999 and I loved it from the very beginning. I had been eating whole seed as a vegetable protein source since 1996 and I already loved whole hemp seed so when I got to try the hulled seed for the first time, I knew it would be an excellent addition to our product line. While the whole seed is an excellent source of protein and fibre, the hulled hemp hearts have improved on the palatability of hemp seed in general since removing the hulls reduces the crunchiness of the seed and makes it easier to add the shelled seed to more types of dishes. Eating shelled hemp hearts is something everyone should do. All it really takes is once for you to notice the benefits. With the easily digestible proteins and all essential amino acids, hulled hemp seeds fills you up and gives you long lasting energy. I eat my hulled hemp seed in the morning for breakfast and it keeps my blood sugars up all the way until lunch and even beyond. Hulled Hemp Seed is easy to eat, tastes great and is an excellent source of vegetable vegan proteins, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and can be considered a raw food. This is truly a miracle food!

Let’s be honest though, shelled hemp seed just tastes so very good. Really, what more do you need from a food then good taste but, hulled hemp seed is also very good for you. There are actually two pretty significant advantages to removing the hulls from the whole seed, the first is that we don’t have to sterilize the seed since the removal of the shell essentially splits the germ in half, inhibiting sprouting and the second is that by removing a large percentage of the fibre and carbohydrate content, we increase the overall percentage of protein since the heart is almost all protein. Other advantages include the fact that the hulling process of removing the shells is just a mechanical process using no chemicals. We also don’t need to heat the seed to complete the process so all of the goodness remains intact.

Why eat Hulled Hemp Seed

Energy, plain and simple. Since it is so easy to digest the proteins from hulled hemp seeds, the energy you get just cannot be compared to any other food. While the overall percentage of digestibility is higher in some other proteins like eggs and cheese at 97%, meat and fist at 94%, hulled hemp seed comes in at 90%, far higher than soy at 78% and rice at 76%. In addition to the proteins in shelled hemp seed being highly digestible, they are also made up of the best kind of proteins which are closest to the type of protein found in human blood. Bottom line is that when you eat shelled hemp hearts, your body gets to use up so much of the proteins that you get an amazing energy boost from a truly miracle food!

Proteins and Essential Fatty Acids

Ok, so hulled hemp seed are high in proteins but why else should you eat shelled hemp seed? Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs are the building block of your immune system. They are so very important to health and well being and a modern diet is chronically devoid of EFAs because they are removed from foods in order to increase the shelf life. Essential fatty acids are called essential because they are just that, essential and the body doesn’t produce them, you have to get them from your diet. Not only are hulled hemp seeds high in essential fatty acids but hemp happens to have a perfect balance of the EFAs allowing your body to more easily absorb the EFAs. Again, hulled hemp seeds are truly the perfect food.

We would love you to try our hulled seed. We feel they are the very best available, we feel this is important because we eat them every day and we feed them to our kids too.

Hulled Shelled Hemp Hearts R Us :)