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We always wonder who John D. and Ann M. really are. Do site owners actually make up favourable testimonials for themselves? That is something we just simply never even consider doing. All of the testimonials written below are from actual clients who actually ordered hemp food from us. If we edited the testimonial, it was to remove personal information or details that shouldn’t be made public.

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Porter M.
April 08 2019


Amala B.
February 20 2019

Have purchased several times . Best I have tasted. So fresh. Great customer service.

Jane D.
February 05 2019


Denise B.
February 02 2019

Arrived quickly and are fresh and delicious for the win.

Alanna T.
January 27 2019

Highly recommend!

Stefan P.
January 14 2019

Great packaging and fresh product. I will recommend and be surely buying more once my stock is depleted. Thx again!

tommy p.
December 11 2018

Finally opened the bag today. Very high quality, as described.

Chris L.
November 13 2018

Good products and fast delivery

Rija R.
May 11 2018

I'm really enjoying these - noticing a feeling of fullness, which I've been hoping for. They are really the best quality and prices of any I've tried and I will be ordering again!

Deborah J.
May 03 2018